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Project Action! A 2D character action game prototype! I Aim to make a great 2d game with good feeling combat. I want to make it not just for me, but for all the die hard action game fans out there. Any serious suggestions/comments/feedback that I think will make the game better, I will change/add! So please don't hesitate to let me know!

This project is on the back burner right now, the scope was much bigger than I expected, But I will revisit it once I have more expierence under my belt! Thanks for understanding!

For future updates, follow me @radcroc

Sorry but only controller support at the moment!

(on ground)

A - Jump

X - Attack

Rb - Lock-on

up+X - launcher (Keep holding attack to jump after the enemy)

(while locked on)

Forward+X - Dash attack

B - Shoot

A - Dodge

(in air)

Down + X - Downward attack



X, (Delay) X,X


Project_Action.zip 3 MB

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