A downloadable game for Windows

Project_resident is a prototype alpha made for #alphajam2017

The game has themes from resident evil in a 2d setting with NES styled graphics.

This game only works with a controller right now, sorry D:

Tested with Xbox360 and Xboxone controllers.


Aim: Left triggerer + up or down

Shoot: Right trigger

Sword: X

Push enemies away: A

Install instructions

Just run the .exe FOOL!


Project_resident.exe 3 MB


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I have 2 things to say about this game:

  1. Bad controls
  2. Good Graphics but some are missing

yeah I agree! all I could throw together in the couple days I had!

Why don't you continue working on it?
It looks very promising!

Is it just me or "fool"(in the "Install intructions") just doesn't sound offending at all?

The controls feel a bit strange. I liked the graphics, very nice.